Sichuan T industry year end inventory buy ten big buy site

statistical data

2011, group purchase network after the industry reshuffle, several vice versa to group purchase There remained but a single one. mode, with integrity and beating the market price. Last year, the group purchase network such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain bursts, full of youthful spirit team still do not know the industry battle tragedy, emerging market divide robbing someone to cry too horrible to look at, laughed, but only as an old business experience for the temporary preservation, we will only use third point selected excellent performance, good reputation of Sichuan the ten group purchase group purchase website, Wang industry early sunshine.

Octopus group

not long ago, the octopus group anniversary Thanksgiving feedback, attracted 940 thousand users under a single, so vast momentum, visible in Sichuan Octopus group sought how high. Pick every day, octopus group since its inception, has been buzzing tasteless dedicated products, since then have a good team in the operation, by the Chengdu media group’s influence, the octopus group spent a year and a half of the time on the Sichuan local network group purchase list.

new regiment

without the official background of the new group is a leader in Sichuan folk group purchase network, because of its established earlier because of the development in the process of the market to seize a lot, but also provides a good reference for later developers. The new group to carry out the group purchase activities for food delicacy and leisure entertainment, and because of its lower discount group by group purchase group purchase group purchase favorite, interpretation of a surprise and expect future team concept.


to create a fine living first choice of Wanke group, the initial set up, with the number of daily multi divide a lot of group purchase group purchase business market. In the service life of the product recommendation, Wanke group to speak with the data, in cooperation with businesses and members of the exclusive satisfactory reply the market investigation, will also win values and sincere attitude throughout the company.


Setel companies use their technology and marketing experience speed for a seat in Chengdu

group purchase saw the opportunity, but also created a new group purchase marketing model, frequent TV stations in Chengdu, with its community, truly achieve online and offline combined with user needs change, group purchase products high quality service.


, based in Chengdu, radiation North Canton most group purchase network, has been steadily mining market, has opened Chongqing and Shenzhen sub stations, benefit and reputation are gradually rising, the group purchase in Chengdu keen eyes of Internet users, the most group established good quality more than the amount of the website image, not too much publicity and promotion the most, Sichuan specialty group will buy out and make money at the same time also brought out the culture of Sichuan.

Chunxi group

slightly effeminate group since birth Chunxi preferred by Chengdu MM, the launch of the project for the female half of group purchase.

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