Easou analysis of three kinds of foreign trade station program quality

is not a very good case in the form of foreign trade, foreign trade is small and steady development, and even many large foreign trade companies began to take the form of foreign trade by small, wide net, multi station, and then brings together a large number of small orders, to supplement the downturn in the form of foreign trade. In fact, this is also a very good sales model, through search engines, retail can also make money. At the same time, this gives the individual SOHO owners brought a good opportunity, they can carry out their own small foreign trade, then the site’s space to choose how to choose the foreign trade station site procedures.

at present, although there are many foreign web site program, but many of these procedures are not necessarily the best choice, there are many functions in the web application program, and even on the website of the choice isn’t for us. Therefore, the correct choice of foreign trade station procedures and space master to grasp.

ZenCart program:

there is no doubt that ZenCart foreign trade station program is the largest global users, open-source and free, it was developed by users, programmers, designers, so the user experience on the right, it can effectively improve the site pin your sales conversion rate, simple procedure, suitable for two times the development of. The integration of many modules, such as support for PayPal credit card payment interface, interface and so on, the user can save a lot of trouble free templates to choose the number, in its official Chinese station even provides more than and 10 beautifully free template, and a good search engine friendliness, SEO module can be set, but its safety always is a problem, which requires the user to modify the relevant documents in a timely manner, for this, the company has introduced the company "in the previous article: ZenCart foreign trade station safety is the first priority", which is worth our attention.

Magento program:

foreign trade station for the Magento program, it can be described as love and hate, love is the perfect integration of the third party applications, as well as the super user experience template. This is an open source program, suitable for the two development. Suitable for a variety of uses. Hate is the Magento server configuration requirements are relatively high, the general server can not support. In the host market for Magento configuration is also considered a high-end configuration. So generally speaking, the price is more expensive. But in recent years, the ixwebhosting host has a very good support for it, the price is moderate, domestic users are increasing year by year, the details on the host configuration are described in detail in their official online.


OSCommerce program:

see the name, I believe that foreign trade are not unfamiliar, OSCommerce should be counted on the number of foreign trade web site is the eldest brother of it. Even the ZenCart program is also developed on the functional extension. As the originator, OSCo>

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