One of the world’s three largest retailer Tesco Tesco in Shanghai test water and electricity

is one of the world’s three largest retailer Tesco announced yesterday China to enter the field of electronic business, mainly covering about tens of thousands of Vegetable & Fruit fresh food and daily necessities. At the beginning of its only in Shanghai to test the water, and the use of its own logistics system.

"First Financial Daily" the reporter learned that, due to the impact of the electricity supplier, the entity retailers in recent years has been greatly affected, coupled with factors such as rising rents, retail stores, more low profit, Tesco also recently closed area Chinese Tesco stores. In this case, many retailers began to test the water and electricity providers, such as farming, Carrefour and WAL-MART etc.. The WAL-MART acquisition operation shop No. 1, and farming Carrefour has self built electric system, Auchan and RT mart and tied Listed Retail Gao Xin has just announced the establishment of the electricity supplier companies.

according to the industry to reflect, self built electricity supplier system for physical retailers have several major difficulties, including hundreds of billions of dollars of investment funds, commodity differentiation, logistics costs, etc.. Especially the cost of logistics is the most difficult to control, because the supermarket commodity price is not high, sometimes the cost of logistics is also higher than the purchase amount, to allow retailers to make ends meet, it is many years ago after Auchan test water and electricity and there is no fundamental cause of the massive implementation.

Tesco Tesco says electricity supplier in the company’s internal construction has been studied for a long time, electronic shopping is an inevitable trend, but also see the Tesco Tesco industry difficulties, so this time in the China test water and electricity did not cover the whole country, in order to control the cost. Tesco Tesco Chinese District electricity supplier operating period delivery scope covers only the inner ring of Shanghai, all the goods will be sent by the distribution of Shanghai’s existing Tesco Tesco stores, the car will use three trucks to complete the distribution of temperature control.

although there are still a lot of risks to enter the electricity supplier in China, but Tesco has started in the global electricity supplier business. Since 1997, Tesco has begun to use the existing store network in the UK for distribution. Tesco group 2012/2013 earnings report, in 2012, the total online sales of Tesco achieved an increase of 13%, for the first time to reach $3 billion, or about RMB 28 billion 800 million yuan. Currently, Tesco has opened an online shopping platform in 9 countries in Europe and Asia, China will become the Tesco online sales of the tenth windows.

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