The electricity industry was dug to cause physical pain attention

-10 July 9, 2012, sponsored by the school on behalf of the network round, "poll on the electricity supplier industry pain points" in the industry concerned. The basic content of the voting includes the highest frequency of electricity business in a number of issues, from marketing, promotion, profit, inventory, the environment and even the electricity supplier’s physical condition, made a comprehensive investigation. Just 1 days time, there are nearly a thousand people involved in the electricity business, the current voting results are shown below.


in the survey, there were 47.8% people voted for " marketing costs remain high, the conversion rate of ", more and more low; 44.1% people voted for " more and more low gross margin, inventory, more and more " 37.7% people vote for " every day the price war, user loyalty low ". In recent years the major electricity supplier of irrational competition, business promotion costs pulled several times higher, and continue to rely on price war promotion behavior will be the whole industry into " customer loyalty, the electricity supplier of low margin " the vicious spiral. In this environment, the selection of the three is also reasonable.


and surprise people is ", impotence, premature ejaculation, sub-health; " this seemingly vulgar option, even with the support of 24.8% of the fourth. When this seemingly privacy issues, has become a public topic can be heard in front of the eyes and react so strongly?

with this question, the author found " 2012 years will send " relevant person in charge of Liu Yazhou, he said: " we contact a large number of enterprises and employees, regardless of how they viewed the business trend, will be more or less showing physical exhaustion, some helpless situation. 24.8% this figure is far from our understanding of the situation, the electricity supplier friends must pay attention to their own body. "

in addition to the real electricity supplier " hidden " feeling, we also note that the poor teacher " " " " " tax issues; personnel cost " " " internal management; also have more than 20% people, a poor teacher platform " " is no longer a case. The solution has not yet been issued but seems intensified, while tax problem is the electricity supplier industry standard due to the rules of the only way which must be passed, you must also use rules to solve the problem.


survey, about money, profit of several pain points but is not of concern, sent on behalf of the network president Xing Kongyu said: " the electricity supplier in the future, we are optimistic about the same, the profit is only a matter of time, is also based on this point, the electricity business never lack is not money, but.

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