Gome online compromise or stems from frustration but there are risks


see the United States online news, the first reaction is: another 1 shop?

in the United States issued to the media news release also seems to confirm this line: "in December 3rd, Gome Group officially announced the integration of its Gome online mall and Kuba two electronic business platform, background unified management and resource sharing. After integration, Gome online mall will be officially renamed ‘Gome online’.

"according to the United States online CEO Han Depeng introduced, after the integration of the United States online will be divided into two business units, Gome online positioning in the B2C business cross category comprehensive shopping websites; Kuba is mainly responsible for platform operation, development and prosperity of comprehensive online market."

compromise, due to the difficulty of management


news out of the network response is nothing more than the early integration, as expected". But this adjustment does not seem to be too many surprises, you can’t see a giant home appliance chain retail in response to the change your attitude, compared with Suning banner high, the United States policy is gradually more prudent strategy. To some extent, the United States online is more like a compromise product.

difficult to manage." Insiders WeChat said to the author, but he did not explain the reasons.

is where? Previously, since after leaving Wang Zhiquan, the United States has completely Kuba in the bag, the new CEO Ding Donghua not only root seedlings are red, and the business line of business for many years. At the same time, docking system is Kuba targeted: the closer to the front-end user experience developed by the Kuba team, such as EC (WEB front-end), CRM (customer management system) and OMS (order management system), which is close to the background of the business part of the mature system of the United States, such as SAP financial system, DELL Dragon supply chain system. This is enough to make the Kuba flexibility, but also be able to enjoy the whole group of the United States purchasing and logistics warehousing bonus.

challenge may be both Gome online mall and Kuba like much, they are almost the same type of website domain name, different style is different front, the United States has been called "double brand" strategy. When the two Dou Genhong seedlings after, how to tilt resources, how to coordinate the management of the two teams, is a problem. Especially in the other competitors are still in rapid expansion, the United States and the United States do not occupy the dual brand advantage of body mass.

The United States did not choose

directly to the two merge completely, but took a step forward, will "double brand" evolved into the "dual brand strategy + dual mode", a comprehensive expansion of B2C, a hand of an open B2C platform (the official definition for the B2B2C platform).

In addition to

management operation problem can avoid the direct merger, but also can realize the "double double strategy" two advance in the shortest period of time: "

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