Liu Qiangdong Jingdong rely on self financing to zero tolerance for corruption and fakes

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on July 22nd

CEO Liu Qiangdong group Jingdong (micro-blog) the day before in all mining and marketing personnel marketing training conference, stressed the proprietary business value and the main role, and that of internal corruption and fake zero tolerance.

For the problem of fake

platform merchants settled the Liu Qiangdong hated, he said: if the Jingdong platform appeared fake, there is no difference with the Tmall Taobao, Jingdong also has no value. The Jingdong started to self pick supplier are brands, brands will not supply fake self destruct the Great Wall.


Jingdong is constantly force POP open platform, the pat Network after adjusting again on the line, a large number of third party merchants for Jingdong platform monitoring on the quality of goods face a great challenge, although the fake oil event reflects the game of lubricating oil industry line, but Liu Qiangdong will be seen as a warning.

in this regard, Liu Qiangdong pointed out, will increase the cost of selling fake businesses, the Jingdong to maximize eliminate fake, if found merchants selling fake goods, the closed shop is the first step, may let business businesses have to lose everything and even compensation to bear criminal responsibility.


employees of the Jingdong to the Tencent of Liu Qiangdong technology revealed that the internal corruption control is very strict, once found internal corruption, may not only be expelled from the individual, the Jingdong may also have a small team will be expelled.

Liu Qiangdong special mention, there are employees in the early stages of entrepreneurship because of the small profit was dismissed, if the staff can stick to the present, already worth tens of millions. Liu Qiangdong says, "don’t try to go to work, not crooked ways doings, wealth far away from you."

Liu Qiangdong also clarified on the POP platform and proprietary relations, the outside world that Jingdong make money by the POP platform, which, Liu Qiangdong denied, affirmed the value of self and the main role. Liu Qiangdong pointed out that the future of the electricity supplier industry tax inevitable, platform based electricity supplier companies will lose the price advantage, Jingdong to earn is the ten part of the theory of sugar in the second half of profit.

so-called "section ten of sugarcane theory refers to the creativity, design, development, manufacturing, marketing, pricing, trading, warehousing, distribution, customer service, the first 5 owned brands, after 5 to retailers, such as Jingdong in 5 aspects by retailers to create new value, from the truth speaking, than just" transaction "link platform providers to obtain more profits, the future development potential. Liu Qiangdong said that thirty or forty billion a year can not be called to make money.

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