Ocean Terminal buyers sought flexible supply chain into the focus of cross border electricity suppli

fairy tale Turkey lamp, Japan Tokyo Sensoji love marriage Guardian amulet, Royal LV latest limited edition bag and Adidas Huobian trendsetter circle bath slippers…… As long as you want to buy, and now can help you achieve the foreign terminal. The current worldwide explosion models of goods and specialty goods sent to China consumers, is the indispensable backbone of the cross-border electricity supplier industry in the buyer.


to buy discount big secret: stable VIP+ brand suppliers

in the dock, 20 thousand people living in the world of high-quality buyers gathered here, they are distributed in New York, Paris, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, they grasp the trend of the world, at the same time China insight into consumer psychology and demand of the domestic market, the world each corner of high-quality goods to the people the first time the hands.

in Britain is a foreign buyer Daniel occupation on the pier, the main luxury bags, less than a year has established a team of nearly 20 people, in the Ocean Terminal accumulated 2 thousand fans. Her team of buyers frequented by British Bicester village discount, this is one of Britain’s most popular fire place, brought together more than and 130 world famous brand, including 90% brand shop, the clerk and they make friends, various privileges, discount will follow. When others are still in the purchase of a headache, they have already ordered the goods in advance and the clerk, the number of bulk purchases and even reached the level of agents.

often five or discount season, buyers can enjoy special treatment in advance a good selection of goods. Daniel said, in the trade day ocean terminal can be worth a single store brand turnover 2 times.

, LV, Gucci buyers holding Prada, BV, Chloe and other big international line VIP, enjoy exclusive additional discounts, even many stock, limited, and very difficult to buy goods, buyers can only have the resources to help you get.

at present, more and more buyers established a professional operation team, product selection, shopping spree, Goods are available in all varieties. packing and delivery, customer service and other sectors, to provide one-stop service for consumers.

Senior Buyer in cattle brother seems buyers’mode has evolved into the concept of trade. At the end of the day is to break the "cross-border business between different countries spread, now buyers more like small traders. This difference is not only exists in China and the United States, Europe and the United States also have differences, as long as the existence of the tax, as long as there are manufacturers of different origin, there will be domestic demand."

global consumption wave ocean terminal constructed by a trend which cannot be halted, really get around the world

C2C diversificationAccording to

China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that in 2015, the total China cross-border electricity supplier annual transactions reached 4 trillion and 560 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7%, cross-border online shopping online shopping users in domestic users accounted for 22.7>

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