How to further narrow the SEM knowledge gap

with the rapid development of digital marketing industry, few industries can follow this change to adjust. In the online marketing industry, SEM is undergoing major changes, this change is different every month. This change and the simultaneous change in practice make all search professionals face great challenges. In the search industry and their choice of marketing management programs will be synchronized to change.

The gap between

personal knowledge and current best practices may have a significant impact on marketing activities. Search engines often focus on directional or other low – income clicks and changes in the early control of high – income clicks. Can not understand and deploy targeted and promotional activities, mainly because of the poor effectiveness of the optimization campaign.

perhaps the most important thing for business executives is that they don’t tell them about the information or technical level of team members. Marketing activities are not only affected by the activities of the search managers, but also by the impact of advertisers bidding rules, in addition to the impact of changes in the search activity, quality score changes, etc.. This competitive environment is not just a reaction to competition and all competitors, but also an adjustment to the price or quality of advertising.

unfortunately, some of the so SEM managers must consider is opaque, which means that we can only see the results of the above factors. It is a kind of art and science to know the signs of marketing activities and competitors’ activities. This is SEM each other with the significance of communication and learn from each other.

The challenges faced by

vary, depending on the role of search marketing professionals. In some SEM and interactive advertising companies, both structured and unstructured training and information sharing. The advantage of a large advertising company is that the best practices learned by individuals can be communicated and extended to other places.

for the internal SEM professionals, they can not communicate with the community colleagues, therefore, the following knowledge can make up for this deficiency.

– attend meetings that focus on training, attend seminars on tactics and strategy, and if you also need strategic guidance.

– to keep online training with the times. As the director of the board of SEMPO, I have a bias against SEMPO, but you have other options.

– listen to the latest developments in the industry, which may be of value to you.

– initiated a search engine to support the exchange activities.

– read the column of the industry, to believe that their articles are not only from practice, but also from the above channels.

– if possible, manage more marketing activities. Marketing activities with different success goals have different data and different competitors, so they learn in a completely different ecosystem.

in view of industry change >

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