Gome group released 11 double data offline growth over the line


technology news Beijing time on December 12th evening news, Gome issued ten online and offline data, data show the United States 6 days when the antenna sales and 11 daily sales rose 703%, which accounted for 70% of the online mobile terminal. Offline business grew 6 times over 10 times.

color TV sales grew 1516%, air conditioning sales grew by more than 1350%, refrigerator growth of more than 2000%.

by Gome store and Gome online data comparison can be found, the product line has the characteristics of higher sales store, complete the purchase price. The online users and other electricity suppliers to buy the same habit, showing a standardized, low customer price, like big brands and other characteristics.

mobile phone sales in the United States is the top three channels of apple, HUAWEI, samsung.

Gome President Wang Junzhou said that the current store has been the transformation of the majority of urban and County experience area, consumers can buy the product before the store experience. (large)

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