The network platform of chaos second hand car transactions are frequent car accidents to refund

central broadcasting network Beijing on August 7th news (reporter Guo Xiangyu Ren Mengyan Wang Zhida) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that the business development has brought great convenience to people’s life, the majority of consumers are increasingly valued business platform credit, preferential policies, price etc.. In recent years, the second-hand motor vehicle network trading platform gradually into people’s vision, has become a choice for people to buy second-hand car.

, recently, there are a number of listeners to reflect on us, melon seeds, excellent letter, everyone, such as second-hand car trading platform suspected of cheating consumers, advertising commitments inconsistent with the actual.

, who lives in Beijing City, Chaoyang District Gong recently is not satisfactory, spent about 600000 yuan in the second-hand car trading platform for all the car like a car, pay the full amount, the query engine number, found the car accident in 2012 had maintenance records in the 4S shop.

and Mr. Gong encounter similar, Ms. Zhang Suzhou recently passed the excellent letter of second-hand car bought a car, not a few days found that the lights of the airbag was lit up. Ms. Zhang assured not hurriedly pulled the car 4S shop 4S were detected, the results are given the 2014 car headlight replacement airbag, knocked scrapped, bad air directly into the car, the airbag can not be used completely.

found the accident repair records, Mr. Gong and Ms. Zhang think is the first time refund from the car. But the attitude of the trading platform is very disappointing. Mr. Gong call the sales manager, said the car accident repair records, to abort the transaction and refund was refused to sales manager.

Ms. Zhang

Suzhou refund the road is not smooth, and the letter said "headquarters there to take the process, need 2-6 days, the two days ago and contact Ms. Zhang said," to help you repair the car, "Ms. Zhang insisted the car back, and letter first promised, after the call Ms. Zhang said" business training ", will have to wait a week.

what is the car accident? Mr. Gong and trading platform produced a huge difference. Mr. Gong for the third party service organizations were asked. Mr. Gong believes that as long as the accident is called a car accident, there have been no accident was not called the car accident. Mr. Gong asked the maintenance mechanism of machine cover sheet metal is not because of an accident, the maintenance of the master answer is yes: "scratch paint does not need to have a sheet metal, sheet metal will have collision."

but all car sales is that, even if the change machine cover, also cannot say is: "rub accident is inevitable, for a machine cover, it can not be said to be accident."

this, the reporter consulted the relevant experts. Fujian province to build judicial vehicle identification Institute senior engineer Jiang Jianping believes that if the 4S shop to issue the accident repair records, evidence can be used as a vehicle accident happened.

reporters in all cars, excellent letter on the official website of the used car, they are on the website >

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