Amazon China’s strategy to seek cooperation in the direct import of imported Tmall


technology news March 5th evening news, Amazon is China to join rivals: following the 2014 Amazon Kindle flagship store in Tmall, "Amazon official flagship store" quietly in the Tmall line tonight. Amazon will be an important part of its cross-border electricity supplier strategy direct import business with Tmall.

this is an ongoing collaboration for up to 1-2 years. As early as June 2013 sina science and technology was informed that the Amazon is responsible for promoting the global BD responsible person in charge of China and Tmall close communication. In September 2014 IPO Alibaba, Alibaba President Ma also say do not rule out and the Amazon cooperation.

, according to people involved in the long-term cooperation projects revealed that the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is very concerned about the market in China, Tmall and Amazon China are vigorously landing cross-border electricity provider, he pushes Amazon and Tmall in this business cooperation.

According to the current understanding of sina

technology, Tmall officially stationed in the Amazon "imported direct mining business, the main categories of food, shoes, toys and baby kitchenware. These are prepared by the Amazon team in China, and then through the Amazon China website, Tmall flagship store sales.


down to earth

although the development of the Amazon in China for nearly 10 years, but the market share is always not ideal, which has a great relationship with the conservative strategy and multinational companies. In an interview with China in the Amazon, often with the term to emphasize the development strategy, but in the fierce competition in the electricity supplier needs to break through.

so two years Amazon China began to change, such as active participation in promotions, price wars, etc., began to increase efforts in the market and marketing. Kindle officially entered the China and obtained great success, but also to increase the number of Amazon China emboldened.

sudden cross-border electricity supplier, Amazon must get a trump card. The reason is very simple, as a multinational retail giant, Amazon in the global supply chain and procurement system is very perfect, once the cross-border process can be opened, Amazon China will usher in a turnaround.

last year, Amazon China in cross-border business high-profile advance, also has dazzling performance, the launch of cross-border business mail, overseas purchase, import direct mining and international boutique.


direct mail business for scouring the sea level is higher, they be able to directly in the Amazon shopping overseas website, back to the Chinese by Amazon transport. Overseas shopping is Amazon China select Amazon U.S. goods, the page and the purchase process of culture and localization for Chinese users to buy.

to play one of the advantages of the Amazon international suppliers, as well as direct imports business. In some large quantities can be direct procurement category, such as food, toys, shoes and other standard, Amazon through data analysis to Chinese due to reduced stocking in advance, overseas distribution links, can give users a low price.

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