Mierkat Sea Patrol China cross border wake up Rise! Manufacturing enterprise cross border blue

Chinese has been the focus of cross-border electronic business platform Amazon’s concern, since the "Amazon global business services," + "project was officially launched, designed to make manufacturing enterprises Chinese upgrade from the" OEM mode "to" international brand".

in fact, China has become a big manufacturing country, but far from the brand power, has a strong manufacturing capacity, but only earn meager profits. Many manufacturing enterprises rely on the form of OEM to obtain orders, but brands always focus on cost, with the increase of China land, resources, social security, labor costs, some OEM orders have begun to shift to India and Vietnam these emerging manufacturing countries, China is gradually decreasing in the production supply chain this advantage. In the face of such a big situation, manufacturing enterprises if we don’t carry out some useful attempts, the result can only be gone.

therefore, the State Council issued China manufacturing 2025, knowledgeable entrepreneurs also jumped into the export of cross-border electricity providers, in order to fewer brands and channels more and more lower price situation, with a ton output like self reform.


Besteck chairman Xu Xinhua’s words, this process is painful, it takes a lot of adjustments and changes, to learn a lot of new things, meet a lot of new rules, but also spend a lot of money. Of course, money is not the biggest problem, difficulty and pain point + manufacturing enterprises to test the water export of cross-border electricity providers mainly in the following aspects, sometimes even willing to spend money, but also need to use a long time to solve these problems.

1, product quality. Chinese manufacturing there are good products, but also filled with a lot of bad products, there was a time Chinese products in the international image is negative, but we also have to admit that China manufacturing and German manufacturing gap. Many factories China can make good products, but the investment in research and development will increase, some bosses are willing, and want to make the products and enterprises at the helm of aesthetic ability has great relationship, is at the helm of excellence, is not to have the artisan spirit, is not the product as a work of art to polish, volume no flaws, is a test.

2, brand building. Foreign brands are beginning to find Chinese manufacturing enterprises do OEM, many entrepreneurs also founded the company soon, or brand awareness is not strong, has been to others to do the wedding dress, earn low processing fees, wait for the brand awareness, only to find the kidnapped big customers to a certain extent, he does not allow you to do yourself brand. And other brands have been in the international market promotion for many years, there are a number of loyal fans, even the same quality products, China manufacturing with their own brand is sold, how to carry out effective breakthrough, how to launch its own brand in the market and the large customers the competition is to think of the problem, but only the brand is the future.

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