Micro blog marketing platform a new model of Wangzhuan open quietly

micro-blog over the past year, the rapid rise in the country, as a grassroots individual owners will not lag behind, playing for a short period of time. As a small grassroots webmaster circle, I believe a lot of people like me, pay attention to some Wangzhuan site in leisure time will make the station, hoping to use these sites give yourself more revenue. But I think most of friends should never or rarely thought of using micro-blog to wangzhuan. In fact, the new model micro-blog marketing platform is open wangzhuan.

micro-blog is rapidly warming in the country, at the same time, the surrounding products and a wide range of platforms, websites are also rapidly emerging. In this process, many websites registered in my account, but also is to hold a skeptical attitude, until this morning in the "micro world broadcast" (www.weibotianxia.com) web site to see a mention now successfully.


(Zhang Hangfeng’s notice of withdrawal)

After all

is removed from the circle, for the name Zhang Hangfeng or some impressions, see this announcement came now in a more than serving Zhang Hangfeng. When the first thought that should be the name of what, but after the opening of micro-blog really is Zhang Hangfeng. His Tencent micro-blog 5W fans, do a forwarding task revenue can earn up to more than and 50. This suddenly makes me very envious.


(a task in Qiu Shida received a $116.568 bounty)

also saw an envious of the expert, qiushida. Just to see the user when they do not know who, to see the fans have about 200000, opened the look. The results of this qiushida is actually a place, I want to do SEO friends should have heard of this person, had created a life service website IP breakthrough 1 million myth.

and Zhang Hangfeng are the Qiushi expert in the webmaster circles, currently in their field should be said to belong to the leader, so they should not specifically to spend time doing general Witkey task. Then they appear in the "micro world broadcast" microblogging platform that is not the harbinger of a new pattern of Wangzhuan is quietly open? I as a webmaster circle of new, don’t do too much of a good prediction, can only say that this is a trend. Believe in micro-blog’s increasing popularity of the Internet world, around micro-blog Wangzhuan models will continue to increase, similar to the "micro world broadcast" to attract celebrity with convenient Wangzhuan platform will also emerge in an endless stream.

"micro world broadcast" minivan such (i.e. micro-blog Witkey) website, is mainly relying on the development of sina and micro-blog Tencent. The main function of the site is to provide enterprises with micro-blog marketing solutions for micro-blog to provide easy access to the opportunity to make money. For all hopes to make some friends for Wangzhuan >

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