Network marketing online shops need to practice gas inside outside practice appearance

is now open Taobao shop, most of them should be well under the decoration of their shops. Renovation of the shop decoration you need a bit of brains, not only to be beautiful and practical, this is what I want to say that the practice of gas". The decoration is finished, but also some people know your shop, to be able to win good results, so that more people come to your shop, get good orders. This requires the external appearance". We look at the store decoration when the need to pay attention to:

1) introduction to your online marketing store merchandise:


introduced the goods, we have several important factors, the first is that: commodity introduction, including product pictures, is in a mode of payment, delivery and shipping costs, some policies and rules in shopping or shopping customers often encounter problems finally is the store, these can be said to be several the important factors of network marketing products in the shop decoration, at the same time, we need to pay attention, can be the basis of these plus some links to the store logo or text links, so it can be as mentioned above, you can increase the probability of customers into the store.

2) network marketing product image

is like the clothes, we will try to make your own website to maintain a unified style, the only way to be able to have a good effect, so your store to upload pictures of products have a unified style, and the quality of the images was better, can be used as good camera, the right time under PS.

3) on the network marketing shop style

can be selected according to the style of the products you sell, for example, you are selling for a girl, you can put a little cute style set, if digital electronic products can be compared to that of the grave, to set up your shop decoration style according to your product.

first explain about network marketing shops specializing in the internal problems, the next time we come to see

on the shop outside of the promotion

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