Taobao to enter the offline retail capital Wenzhou which is looming

14, Taobao announced that the next line of retail, plans to be in the country during the year, more than 10000 colleges and universities to lay more than 3 authorized stores, consumers do not go online to provide Taobao services. Taobao public relations manager Yan Qiao said that this move is also like Carrefour, WAL-MART and other traditional supermarkets compete for the occupation of the retail market line.

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in this line under the plan, the "daily economic news" reporter found the Wenzhou businessman figure, which is from Shanxi coal mine, Dubai investment after the failure of the merchant of Wenzhou and a new attempt. Wenzhou SME Development Association President Zhou Dewen told reporters that the withdrawal from Shanxi businessmen are currently planning to enter the new field of Wenzhou.

14, Hangzhou to buy the company’s chairman Wen Huaiqu seems particularly busy. Since the opening of the next line of cooperation and Taobao store will be established in the near future, Hangzhou buy it for this year will invest nearly 100 million yuan of funds for the construction of the shop, the relevant training and settlement systems, etc..

, a Wenzhou businessman who once invested in a coal mine in Shanxi, was lucky enough to withdraw funds from Shanxi’s coal mines before the Shanxi coal. In fact, the coal mine, the real estate industry needs a large amount of investment, but the rate of return is not high." In the capital of more than idle, as before with Taobao had business cooperation, Wen Huai take again will look into the field of electronic commerce, "Taobao 2009 years by 130 million members achieved sales of 200 billion yuan, this calculation under the line of the market should be very broad."

Wen Huai believes that after the purchase of the shop opened, the main profit point from the purchase of goods in the store to buy the service costs, the cost of the purchase of the company and the purchase of each of them by the proportion of online shop.

Taobao to do so in order not to access the Internet users are also included in the consumption of Taobao." Yan Qiao said that this approach is equivalent to and like Carrefour, WAL-MART and other large supermarket market competition.

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revealed that Taobao plans to use half the time in the development of Hangzhou 500~800 home shopping store, the next will continue to expand, while similar to the family, the convenience store chain will be the development object under a Taobao, at present there are a few companies have a preliminary intention.

Analysys International analyst Cao Fei believes that e-commerce, Taobao to do so on the one hand to help more of the next line stores to find more business, some consumer demand can also make Taobao cover a larger consumer groups. However, he believes that the development of online shopping shop, although there will be some incremental market, but the impact on traditional retailers should not be too large. At the same time, he believes that cooperation between Taobao and chain convenience stores should be cautious. Due to the scattered convenience store channel is not strong enough, so there is a certain risk.

actually, Taobao line shop is not the first time appeared in public view, last year it has launched the Taobao called Amoy 1 station of the line shop, but because of excessive promotion expenses and other reasons has not been formed.

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