Tact to all direct by the franchisee to boycott

industry believes that competition intensifies, the industry needs to change

is located in the urban site to suspend delivery, every day 20 thousand -3 10000 courier can not be sent to the customer, Yuantong Express turn to join direct way by local franchisee boycott in Fuzhou. In the electricity supplier invasion courier field, foreign courier companies are about to return to the occasion of the Chinese market, courier companies seem to be in urgent need of change.

Guangzhou company has achieved full battalion

, according to media reports, the beginning of June, Yuantong Fuzhou district a few sites franchisees have shut down. In this regard, Yuantong Fujian area general manager Yu Hongjun said in an interview in April this year, Yuantong headquarters held a meeting, the main content of the meeting for Fuzhou Yuantong by the franchisee operation mode into direct mode, the franchisee into occupation managers, franchisees do not hold shares in tact. Yu Hongjun said that the franchisee in Fuzhou, if you give up the right to operate the site asking price 500 thousand yuan, which makes the company encountered resistance to reform.

yesterday, the new express reporter contacted the Yu understand "strike" events of the latest progress, but Yu said that due to Red Army job authority, the current can not reveal more progress, only said Yuantong Fuzhou area of operations has been restored to normal. Because Guangzhou Yuantong company belongs to Yuantong headquarters direct, so business is not affected by the incident.

it is understood that, as early as 2009, Yuantong chairman Yu Weijiao said, tact prepared at all first-tier cities and the capital city to achieve direct point coverage. According to the plan, the reform first in the North Canton Central City to implement, and then gradually from Fujian, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities, and finally to the promotion of the national capital city. At present, the company in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities have become the first direct mode. From the beginning of last year, a direct attempt to complete the transformation in other developed capital city.

insider, a year in Guangdong reform, will encounter great resistance, tact should eventually spent a lot of money to settle the problem.

it is reported that by the end of last year in the implementation of Xi’an Yuantong turn to join direct has aroused strong opposition from the franchisee, today because the resistance is too large, Xi’an still maintain the original mode of operation of franchisees.

join straight camp for the trend of

although the tact reform of the franchisee was resisted, but turn to join direct measures for industry recognition. "The courier company franchise mode can not adapt to the express industry integration, intensive, standardization, mechanization, centralized trend, although the tact direct mode change was painful, but express direct mode is an inevitable trend." Express logistics information network chief consultant Xu Yong told the new express reporter, the basis of the model is to join the interests of diversification, franchisees consider their own interests, to reduce the cost of service quality. Although this model in the barbaric growth of private enterprises in China is indeed the rapid development of China’s express delivery companies, but to pay attention to the quality of service in the era, if the courier industry does not change to direct mode, >

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