The luxury goods business second wave cold death exams coming

[Abstract] there are indications that the domestic luxury electric business is cold again, the industry is in a recession.

Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported on September 17th

in July this year, the Tencent issued a "technology has published unannounced electricity supplier fake chain: Poly America suspected of selling fake art platform reported" the depth of investigation, the Jingdong,, Amazon, Gome online, shop No. 1, serves network, handle network, the U.S. group, almost the most well-known business platform selling fake luxury goods to be exposed.

now two months later, these integrated electronic business platform and vertical electricity supplier platform to provide them with relevant businesses to rectify the luxury goods. But only by the platform’s constraint is not enough, still become the ills of luxury fakes. It is in the many ills invasion, at present, the domestic luxury vertical electricity supplier is ushered in the second wave of death.

for two years, the domestic luxury electric providers to obtain new financing of the very few. The past 3 months, founded in August 2011, VIP exclusive network Tianpin net was put up the shutters; beautiful acquisitions; second-hand luxury brand Hongkong Milan station in the development of crisis, the first half of this year, a loss of 19 million 800 thousand yuan. In addition, according to informed sources, including Luxuries network, Fifth Avenue, such as poly still the luxury business day is not easy.

all the signs indicate that the domestic luxury electric business is cold again, the industry is in a recession.

1, the second wave of winter: itself is a false proposition

in fact, two years ago, the luxury electricity supplier has had a big reshuffle. In 2012, poly mesh products, share network, Huha network to vertical electricity supplier for the positioning of the luxury goods companies have closed, NetEase backed by NetEase Luxuries luxury platform, Sina luxury channel, also in short operation after announced the closure.

‘s second cold wave hit, how different is the core and the first wave?, luxury cake just looks very attractive.

according to the data provided by the China International Electronic Commerce Research Center, 2013 luxury online shopping market transaction size of 20 billion 820 million yuan in 2014 is expected to reach $27 billion 430 million. The plates are big enough, and China is the biggest consumer of luxury goods. These show that the future of luxury electricity supplier online shopping market should be a bright.

brands but difficult to obtain authorization, the scarcity of supply, supply chain is broken, the proliferation of fake luxury goods, to become natural ills, first fallen luxury game player can not solve this problem, the second wave is still not able to resolve the problem. This problem in word-of-mouth communication, more and more influence on the user experience, forming a vicious spiral.

in September this year, Li Guoqing participated in "CEO BTV" program on the glorious bloom directly warned consumers not to buy the best luxury online, because the fake luxury goods business platform has become the unspoken rule.


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