How to improve the conversion rate

thousand group war today, many sites are running in the group purchase, double talk about a single, double, double advertising, only one goal, gross sales driven website. Then for a web site, traffic is the key, the registration is the ultimate goal. So how to buy site should gradually improve their website conversion rate?

1, the use of high commodity lottery or spike activity: for the buy site, the goods in the form of activities on the site is nothing more than the form of: 1) $0 lottery; 2) ultra low limit limited spike. The normalization of the group purchase website will regularly online activities to attract users attention, stimulate the user registered consumption, is starting from the user’s heart cheaper Oh! This will usually bring in a lot of traffic, some sites will help micro-blog binding account function, the user, to help enhance the value of the flow. Overall, this kind of preferential planning activities is one of the effective ways to improve the conversion rate.

2, the characteristics of the goods as a publicity stunt: now each group purchase goods on the site characteristics and seize the user preferences, each one has its own merits, the goods are scanty, this way will also involve exclusive agreement group purchase website, some characteristics and businesses signed a single group purchase will revoke the contract, at the same time in order to prevent the other group purchase for sale, such as if on a is a big business, is bound to detonate site traffic. So many buy site as long as a sign of a unique business, it will focus on the promotion of the goods from the multi marketing means to spend more energy to push this single. This is a little more than the number of businesses also pushed into the flow of faster.

3, regularly carry out test group experience activities: this test group activities for the group purchase industry is essential, that can be started the website brand awareness in the activities, and allows users to experience a series of free group purchase process, allowing users to feel the enjoyment of group purchase. Word of mouth reputation to build is the ultimate goal of activities. Word of mouth up, but also worried about traffic will be less


4, to carry out the activities of the line, the media tracking reports: the activities carried out under the line must be eye-catching, enough features, enough convenience. In order to allow people to participate in, to focus on, to experience, to buy the site will be deeply remembered, the brand can start. The latter also need to track the media reports, through the portal forum, television, news, newspapers and magazines and other means of transmission of soft Wen push to improve the conversion rate of the site. In addition, companies want to attract Internet users, media reports must strive to timely, true, comprehensive, rich and colorful activities overview, this can improve the group purchase website users in the brand popularity, influence and spread.


advertising to advertising in general group purchase website will group 800, 360, Baidu group purchase navigation, as appropriate in the website and the forum of local high popularity in the establishment of banner or text ads, this way from the outside into the flow of digital hand is very powerful, group purchase industry more attention the. These are also based on the habits of Internet users to set >

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