Taobao owners earn 1500 monthly experience

through the study on Taobao customers, is at least a little way, gradually feel Taobao off this emerging pattern is gradually recognized by everyone, so I began to study and opened a Taobao shopping navigation website, diamond Ying Ying was born! Website relates to a good shop recommended (store navigation), Taobao crown stores well, Taobao shopping rebate website set up pretty fast, about 1 months to earn 1500 or so, the mind is very happy! This is for the Taobao customer novice compared to my web site with diamond experience, veteran pass advice, welcome to communicate with me, only temporarily because of too busy to answer the phone, thank you, Taobao shopping navigation diamond phone —-13857655766 as a webmaster Yingying, for Taobao customers interested and confused friends can exchange


when I first talk about the original, even the basic FTP upload will gradually, the fight after nearly 4 months of time, learn the actual things, pick up SEO, operation and technical aspects of the site have a deeper understanding, but I remind some friends, some people say Wangzhuan money very ruthless, a day income of 1000, or thousands, or even tens of thousands, we are all adults, please choose carefully! When I’m choosing Taobao off, I was hesitant, everyone will hesitate, why? By share transaction commission, if a monthly traffic station only a few thousand, that is not true very difficult, very difficult, but the reverse of, think of this world, in addition to the feelings of money is not the most difficult? Sometimes this so-called faith gives me strength, let me do


(1) how to choose the shop and merchandise promotion! Compared to the professional Taobao guest, is nothing but a website to make money, select a good shop promotion, quality commission ratio and shops are closely linked, high commission ratio shops naturally good, but we have to "field" investigation, visit the store volume and comments how convincing enough product than the temptation of stronger! Let A shop commission ratio is 50%, the B store is 20%, compared with the same products, A shop and B shop, A shop expensive on average 30% B shop, this shows that people are smart, not to buy expensive things. Are you? Yes, this is the shrewd person, so do the Taobao diamond Angela shopping navigation station, I carefully consider, from the perspective of consumers to consider this issue, in fact, this is very important, Reverse thinking can play their role!


(2) station how to enhance the return rate of return rate is the key! To enhance consumer recognition! A good they will remember the occasional visit, because there are things worth them to stay, what is that? Is the content, the content is the key, and the content is on everyone to find, can go to see the official according to the Commission, and the proportion of turnover ratio to search, and regularly update! This is the king! This is a test of patience a webmaster, no patience can cultivate patience to do a website,

(3) how to increase the amount of new sites!

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