Discussion on how to deal with the hacker attack station

I began to do guest website two months ago. I did not use the current mainstream guest website program, I used a home network program, and then some modification to it, it becomes one of my own station. Although not professional, but also feel good to use their own use, the site also looks beautiful atmosphere. You can visit my website, in addition to their original articles, I also placed a variety of guest channel promotion code page.

but a few days ago, I found on the website of the guest channel code, on the outside of the computer (Internet, unit) into someone’s PID number, in my own home computer display is normal, your PID number, I worked hard to earn money to help others. I can’t see what the code in the page, which is still my PID code, but as long as the outside becomes someone else. I updated the content of the site, but it’s still outside. I ask a master, can not solve the problem. I know I met a network master, my dear technology is not his opponent. But I can’t just let him kill! I think one way to seal his PID. So I contacted Ali mother customer service, to explain the situation to her, she opened my website to verify the situation. The hacker is really great, in Ali mother customer service there, my site is normal. Ali mother said there is no evidence of customer service, can not seal other people PID code. When I was having no Che’s thought of "video screen", so I will submit to the customer evidence.

second days, Ali mother customer service for me to justice, the hacker’s PID off. So I’m going to say that technology is not the only one on the web. If I get hurt again, I’ll find a way to fight back. Please believe that hackers are the opportunities, for example, he left the PID code, also left the real identity information, and other marks. As long as your interests are infringed, you can call the police. Alarm has two meanings, one is Ali mother customer service, the two is the network police.

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