Why does not the integrity of the network contract Ma face Chinese owners

Recently, many

and Ali mother signed a monthly contract webmaster, not in the monthly advertising after the end of the contract in accordance with the payment received money, I go in the two level distribution alliance alliance dark horse have a say, they are helpless said that Ali mother does not give money, has been dragging, I call to consult. In the mother’s staff, they put a lot of blame to the technical analysis and the alliance there quickly, even hope that many owners do not get the money to take legal proceedings.

has always been in good faith-based Ma is not really feeling ah Alibaba group to the winter, hurry to reserve food hibernation? Chinese has been talking about a matter of integrity, not to mention Ali mother and current webmaster 3 packets of advertisement is to sign the contract, the contract in force since why not pay due to the owners of money? Is Ali group’s contract is credit? If so, his management agency directly under the Ali group, your credit is not let business people worry? Even if owners take legal proceedings if I think the law is just to see the same value and coincidence basis, not your money can violate the Ali group to for, I also hope that Ali mother can timely and properly to solve such a thing, let the network contract should have the effect on Ali’s. We also hope to give a clear account of Ali customer service.

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