Share how make money through the nternet step by step

I called hadrons, although my Wangzhuan road is a bit miserable, but I am now Wangzhuan circle master oh. Mainly in the process of do Wangzhuan I had lost a lot of money. The higher now have such a great success, thanks to spend 30 dollars to the 9981 network center. So now let me happy and results in here and share my bitter Wangzhuan trip. I hope everyone can give them a lesson.

from the contact network is now rolling on the network to fight over the ten years, but the beginning of the game can not count. From the beginning of contact with the network, which is 99 years at that time just have QQ, or a thin penguin. At that time only as a chat tool, I did not expect his value, then the application is a good number of 7 digits, and sometimes can apply to the 6. These are not said. Contact Wangzhuan is started with the hook 00 years villain Cashfiesta, I believe a lot of friends have, there is an ad in a small run, sometimes even a mouse to the point. I was also doing a web page, then have a web page is a great thing. At that time, there are a lot of people are my downline. I also searched the Internet, a friend said to be a liar, some said to receive money. But I did it for three months, and when I paid $100, I had to get to the bottom of the line, and they were asking me if I had received the money, and I didn’t get the money from me by. I was very excited when I applied for the payment. I don’t sleep well. The second day I went to the site to see when the account does not exist, I send them e-mail. They do not return. This I know, cheated.

From then on I

, foreign Wangzhuan lost confidence, so dizzy to 08 years of work in a company, because too busy, and the Internet to find a part-time job to earn a little money, inadvertently found a code. At that time, there are a lot of tasks to do the code, I built a group, their first fight, and then share the experience, to find a proxy. Recruit dozens of people when I get off the line, when you can earn about 1-2 yuan per hour. Can also play a 5-10 yuan a day. After a week, my waist and neck are gone. Because the labor intensity is too large. Had to give up. To a friend.

but I did not give up, one day accidentally saw an advertisement, earning 200 yuan. All of a sudden, I was shocked, never had a blood flowing in my body. Here I did a thing I did not expect to contact the project QQ, direct payment of 300 yuan to his bank. Waiting for… Received a web site, the domain name space is to help him apply. What is done is the SP project, called me to the 779 union money, at night, the volume can be. I rushed 100 yuan to the flow chain. Night shine. Up in the morning, only 28 yuan earnings… Do not understand ah, and asked him if he did not do the right thing, I see his income on the course to reach 200 a night. Why am I at more than and 20, that QQ is like a stone,

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