How to select the product of Taobao customer promotion

we all know, do Taobao single product promotion, choose the product is the first prerequisite for profitability. And API do stand is not the same, because we push a single product, so the site traffic will not be great, which requires us to choose a good product, choose a good target keywords, choose a good web template. Good keywords, is likely to bring you the effective flow of orders. Good template, requires SEO to optimize the decency, and the small size of the page, loading speed, the atmosphere has affinity, people have the impulse to buy.

brief introduction of my own experience, I started to contact the Taobao customer in mid April this year, counting fingers found himself for 2 months not less than 6 days. 2 months time, the main push "female beauty" products, summed up the main weight loss, breast enhancement, whitening, freckle 4 categories. There are successful cases, but also the lessons of failure. Be good at summing up, draw lessons from failure is every webmaster should have a quality.

said here, there must be a lot of people ask, how to choose a good product? I’m here to do a single product from the individual Taobao experience to talk about how to choose a single product. Personally think that a good single product should have the following characteristics:

1 profiteering products. What is the huge profits products, I was so defined: Commission in 30% or more, a single product price of more than 120 yuan of products;

2 record high product. Record high, representing sales hot. And hot, we can temporarily believe that good product reputation". Why stressed that temporary, because most of the high turnover records are water, there are businesses suspected speculation. In particular, the transaction record is not very stable product, today shows 30 days of trading volume of 10000, suddenly suddenly tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and jumped to the 9200, it can be responsible to say that this product is not worth promoting.

3 buyer ratings. In accordance with my own experience, in meeting the transaction record high premise, personally think that the score between 4.5-5.0 products are trustworthy. This shows that the seller has a certain degree of credit and products are basically in line with the buyer.


4 evaluation details. This is very important, through the investigation of some of the women around friends buy psychology found that if a person like a product in Taobao, before making a purchase decision, user evaluation record will carefully read at least 3-5 page. If the product will make people feel get both praise and blame, not reliable, quality or efficacy exaggerated. I think more than 80% of the good evaluation (here is a prerequisite for the evaluation of the product, do not consider the logistics factor) is a basic requirement, so that the remaining 20% to contain those competitors malicious slander. In addition, there are details of the evaluation details, the number of single day evaluation. When I push weight loss products, I often find that some products are more than a dozen on the day, suddenly one day without a comment >

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