Senior people Wangzhuan experience sharing

everyone is the same website to make money. To say who really make money? I don’t think much of it. I want to tell you how to do Wangzhuan it? To do Wangzhuan and are doing a place to make friends and Enlightenment of


1, in fact, we have been exposed to what the online market, in the middle of waiting for some. It is a pull head money, I think we immediately the first reaction is mlm. The definition of pyramid selling is not a kind of trick to deceive relatives by cheating friends to make money, the end of the root sink deeper and deeper ~ I am opposed to this way of making money. But as the Internet market of this kind, it is able to earn money, if you really have a good tolerance to let people pay worn-out mouth!!!

2 is a popular free online money making project. Click to make money, make money, make money, etc.. I think everyone has more or less in contact with this Wangzhuan project. I think a lot of people see I mentioned that this project will sniff at, for not earn money and intend to give up this Wangzhuan industry? I can only say that you have completely mistaken! Not because of a traffic accident and give up the car the vehicle, not unworthy! Here, the studio will all contribute to better and more efficient and profits the Wangzhuan


financial crisis has now been threatening China Wangzhuan all walks of life, has also been some impact, the impact of bad or bad, more people joined this Wangzhuan industry, competition also have more talent, more ways.

Wangzhuan industry has not a few years ago free Wangzhuan era. Before independence from the trend of the pull the head, SP, click Wangzhuan hook has declined, because more people try to refuse these Wangzhuan way of suffering, often spend a thankless. The final is the upper obtained benefit, and no new projects and Wangzhuan rush is not really a huge benefit, there are a lot of people leave Wangzhuan in this industry, the network lost confidence, feel confused to wangzhuan.

CPS, according to the sales results before payment, the influence is small, the effect is poor, but with the impact of the financial crisis, many enterprises to tighten the belts, compression of the advertising expenses and petty, could not withdraw eagle. CPS, by the financial crisis to hot up, domestic and foreign CJ, DHC, with the success of CPS popular on both sides of the Changjiang River also makes a number of senior webmaster, it is made a fortune, I heard an expert to do CJ, earned a 8 digit Commission, I think almost envy the halo, halo now, however, do not too late, hard, now we can earn GG yuan, the website, after the selection, the following CPS Commission recommended:


16% (stable)

Dangdang 8-12% (stable)

excellent 8-12% (stable)

asked the school education mall 25%-30% (New)

DHC 10%


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