Look at the domain name registration information to determine the true and false Wangzhuan company

See domain name registration information to determine the true and false method

recently a new money making company can be said to be endless, dazzling. But these companies are legitimate and true, but this one before we were making money online activities should be clear, the best way is to analyze its domain name registration information, a long time ago we tried to uniquesurf.com this super big liar to a large exposure, suggest that you try


if we see a new company, if it is an international domain name to

www.whois.net query the domain name registration information. Because the domain name registration information is basically true, so it can be used to inspect the company’s true, in addition we can get the domain name registration information than the company’s home page links, if not, is also a problem.

below the decomposition of the NetEase to illustrate the characteristics of the information of a real company, if the company and the standards are different, then it is likely to have a problem (if necessary).

WHOIS information for 163.com:


this part of the domain name registration agent, there is no guiding significance

Organization: Netease.com, Inc

if it is a serious company, the registrant is generally the company name (common) or legal representative (rare) name. If it is not the company name, but the name of the individual, is a doubt.

address: 15/F, North Tower, Kerry Centre



is serious, the general public address is obviously not the address, home address or very simple address (the NetEase’s Kerry Center and I had to work for a company together).

Admin contact: Netease.com, Inc.

contact method and the owner (Organization) to determine the same method.

email: [email protected]

is the key to all the people, the company’s general server, the mailbox is the same domain name server. So after the mailbox @ POP3 server and domain names are inconsistent, but also doubt. If you use a free mailbox, it is definitely a problem.


fax: – >

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