Some people do Wangzhuan most likely to lose money

do Wangzhuan has some day, many projects have been concerned about, but also personally done a lot of experiments and projects, but to sum up, most of the money. In retrospect, in fact, many projects can be profitable, often from profit distance only when a step up, or go along with others without digging their own unique things lead to policy mistakes, for various reasons, most of them can find themselves from the fatal point. With many beginner exchanges recently found them as their debut. Today is to share their opinions count several people of higher loss.

1 timid, afraid of losing money

Wangzhuan and the reality of the business entities is the same, basically no sale no cost, then a small business to invest a certain cost. You do Wangzhuan host, domain name and other hardware, you learn Wangzhuan skills training costs, you put the learning time and so on, are you the cost of. A novice in order to make a difference in this line, it is necessary to have a plan to lose money, there is a saying good, do the worst, the best efforts. It can be seen that there are few successful people who have not been cheated, no failure. A project to succeed in the experiment, there must be a certain cost and the accumulation of failure experience. So, if you encounter a loss to quit, do Wangzhuan certainly not for you.

2 can not break through the bottleneck

execution is the most important factor in restricting the ability of the webmaster wangzhuan. With the method, with the strategy, but can not be implemented, compared to the master, you do not have the executive power, is empty talk. A lot of projects, take Taobao guest project, let you go to send soft Wen, to the forum post top stick, every day the basic amount is at least 100 posts, who can do, who can insist on two months. Can do, the basic money. Do not, three days two days to screen, investment tools cost and time lost, but only got a pile of regret. How to develop the executive power, is very simple, is to give yourself a plan, every day to implement. Remember the morning run, adhere to every day, you can develop a habit. Do Wangzhuan too, it is easy to form a habit.

3 project itself is not suitable for their own

do Wangzhuan, how many items, but really suitable for your project only one or two. A lot of friends of the executive power is very strong, but is not suitable for their own things, it is difficult to grasp the essence of the project, along with others left behind, only eat the rest of the soup, a corner only to seize the market. Prior to the project, study the nature of the project thoroughly, and then consider the feasibility of the project. Other people’s projects feasible, get their own hands is not necessarily. Like many training classes to teach you to do Taobao, there are a lot of people using the station group to do very well, but you can do it, most people invest in the host and domain name, web site is K off site for collective, no experience of people, do not suitable for the station group.


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