Meitu Xiu Xiu Wu Xinhong strategic choice was Robin Li three

Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong


is a design background but always use Meitu Xiu Xiu P photos, as in the past are bored. For me now, simply rude efficient is king "," circle "magazine delicacy account director sent a micro-blog at the end of the day, with 12 lovely pictures, black and white, together with a simple self – border, has become a lot of compulsory homework the beauty of the girl every day. And her mouth in Meitu Xiu Xiu, it is called "meet the user to make themselves more attractive needs", "young girls must have installed, with 110 million mobile end users, PC users 130 million, up to 240 million of the total number of retouching software.

relative to those of love beat themselves more beautiful girl, Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong is low-key and "Mensao" many. Last appeared in public, is in the end of May this year, Baidu Union summit, he was wearing a blue plaid shirt, jacket, black rimmed glasses, the 80 young man on the stage to speak a little bit nervous, "my character is very introverted," speech at the beginning of his give yourself a definition.

success or failure of the grassroots: from Mars to the United States master

said Wu Xinhong introverted, actually is a very good idea: 2000 China Internet has just started, he through the domain analysis and registered to earn $3000 "gold"; after graduating from high school, was a professor at the The China Academy of Art think very artistic talent he decided to give up the University, founded its first website "the main dating field. However, he quickly found the problem: "perfectionism killed people, in order to ensure product excellence, originally a month to do, I have to drag on for three months". The project failed two years later.

then, in 05 years at the beginning of 07 not 30 projects running, accidentally become attached to Wu Xinhong and "grass roots". In 2007, his "Martian" products within one year the number of users exceeded to 40 million, "because the cut is called the 90" non mainstream "to the needs of young people, since that mainstream people don’t think upon them, they are no service". He concluded.

Wu Xinhong soon discovered that the "grassroots" user needs not only is the text of the personalized, also has a huge demand for personalized picture, "I use Baidu index to search, found that" non mainstream pictures "and" non mainstream picture "two key words add up to every index of more than 100 thousand, this is very strange, then many people have to do with Photoshop pictures, these pictures search users really want?" soon, Wu Xinhong Cai Wensheng in the boss’s coaching epiphany, "they just want to do more personalized photo." In 2008 October, "Meitu Xiu Xiu" predecessor Mito master "was born. After 5 years of grinding, Meitu Xiu Xiu has become the domestic market only comparable to QQ and micro-blog pictures Application >

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