6 questions about the League of 99

  my website is to e-books, electronic magazine website, hoping to find a long-term partner, 99 alliance because is closely related with the content of the website, so pay more attention to the development of the alliance, there are some questions   display content in the League 1, the lower part of the friendship connection site should not, because friendship connection nothing to do with content, it has nothing to do with the franchise owners.   2, registered members in my station (temporarily called off the assembly line) in other stations to buy books I enjoy sharing? Under normal circumstances, on-line access to the consumption of the Commission   3, divided into the proportion of 7% is not low? * * * ma Zhuo more sub * Xun into proportion 12%, my personal opinion, to the webmaster, if not less than 10% to promote the value of.   4, registered members are not a commission? Such as Benazir, * * * tower Manchester Club registered members pay a membership fee, each member can get 4 yuan commission.   5, if I join the webmaster through my website, can I get commission.   6, content to join, the order can be produced in real time, or after the union "finishing" display "purification" order? This is very important,   cooperation is based on good faith, equality, mutual benefit, based on the above 6 points, if there are three points in line with the requirements of the promotion of value, otherwise it should not be necessary to promote.   wish the 99 alliance model can promote success

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