Close to the Spring Festival online sales increase beware of online fraud

Internet has been developed rapidly in the new century. It brings convenience to our lives, and brings a new marketing model for the enterprise. Today, more companies focus on the Internet to do business, the reason is due to the convenience and timeliness of the internet. With the continuous development of the Internet, the Internet is also on the stage. Editor’s job QQ every day will be called to call the QQ customer service center staff, but also congratulated me on winning the prize, to a certain website. Of course, this liar is the most common and the lowest level. According to the editor’s experience and in order to safeguard the interests of many businesses, especially planning on the network liar news reports, in order to remind businesses to enhance self-protection awareness.

below is the editor for everyone to sort out some of the editors and editors of some of the analysis:

1, a large amount of procurement

consulting a very warm person, often is the name of a large enterprise group and banner, are very interested in your company’s products, and the purchase amount is very large, so large a bit ridiculous, such as: millions of pieces (more than normal purchasing an industry level). The main reason is to allow businesses to think it is a big customer, and then they want to be able to sign a contract immediately, take the opportunity to cheat to eat and drink, cheat tobacco cheat wine, and some will also offer rebates and so on conditions, and then directly deceive cash. In the end, with a lot of reasons to reject the product or do not know.

‘s analysis: this kind of liar usually the name of a company purchasing department manager banner, mainly for small and medium enterprises, and small and medium enterprises in the face of big list, also often appear less stringent state. Editor’s advice no matter how much the temptation to buy each other, always keep a good state of mind, do not let the other side of the nose. This type of liar will not be too much about your company’s situation, it will not actually be investigated, but stressed the need to quickly meet the contract. Finally, careful study of the origin of each other and the purpose of procurement, so that really do not miss, false not fooled effect.

2, agent serial

one day, a person not clear call, first carefully asked the basic situation of your company, then ask you to do their active agent, for you to advertise, help you make money. Soon, there is an attached company introduction, product introduction, sample, price list, printed with the name of your company, printing advertising contact letters appear on your desk. A few days later, there will be a place to call the company to say that these goods, you should seize the time to prepare, and a large number of. If you believe that, after the goods come in, then the company is not a place to play disappear, there are a variety of reasons to refuse to want to goods, and you can only eat dumb coptis".

editor: analysis of this type of fraud is mainly used "you Changba me play way" method to prevent this type of fraud is actually very simple, as long as you believe that the sky will not fall this truth, but there may also be such a coincidence, if you do not believe that this is a scam, can request to.

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