Several forecast 2010 Click Wangzhuan industry development

has been focused on the development of the industry to make money online, and its browsing ad mission, it is the flagship project. But from the current trend, click Wangzhuan outlook does not seem good, but you don’t have to give up, because the present form, click Wangzhuan need is a process of transition. In this process, click Wangzhuan will gradually toward the direction of light.

The number of

click Wangzhuan site will be gradually reduced, non formal, professional site will transition or disappear completely. Because the current trend of domestic crackdown, IDC will gradually increase, and click on the ads to make money the site of profit will gradually decrease. But this does not mean that this kind of site will disappear, because this kind of site’s profit still exists, but this kind of site will gradually normalized, professional development.

Wangzhuan program continuously, click on the site of money also will continue to improve the development of. In the past, the method of cheating by clicking will no longer exist. And through the way of virtual gold coins, will gradually replace the previous direct payment of rmb. Because this way can gradually meet people’s hearts, so that people are fully satisfied with psychology.

Click to make money class site will gradually integrated, rich. If you just click, it will not meet the members. For example, 58task, now has dozens of ways to make money for members of the service. As a registered money, money play yards, rebate Wangzhuan, make money, make money surfing will hang to carry forward, make friends can have more choices.

fraud type site will gradually reduced, replaced by the integrity of the site. Because the cost and risk of Internet fraud will increase, so the next direction of development will be the integrity of the competition. And the kind of data that often clean up, or through a variety of ways to deceive members of the site, will be eliminated.

click on the site scores will gradually decline, members will earn less money. At present, such as oranges, egg network, will be 2 thousand of the score increased to 20 thousand, which means that members of the same income will be compressed. At present, although 58 improved certain ratio, but in addition to this site, other sites not only provide, but are like balls like them, began to improve scores for various reasons, a member of the lower income.

rebate site will gradually disappear or transition, such as the type of transformation has become the Wangzhuan site. Their profits will also have a certain reduction and decline. It also determines the reduction of such sites. Write so much for the time being, then write tomorrow., remember my station, web site to make money.

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