Li Shanyou why people in foreign companies do not venture

Sun Taoran mentioned in the "36 rules" in business, the most ideal occupation road for young people, is the first big company after graduation to work for a few years, you can learn a lot of knowledge management, will enhance the realm. Then you can go to start-up companies to work, and finally their own business. Don’t start a business, don’t stay too long in a big company. In the company of not more than 5 years, or basic is a waste, a mouse in the greenhouse, the survival ability of degradation, but also very tall.

angel investor Tan Chi also spoke at the angel conference, 20 years ago, people are most proud of into foreign companies, entrepreneurship means that can not find a job. And now, on the contrary, you say you work in a foreign company, will be a joke, exciting thing is to start a business.

on foreign people, these two words are a bit extreme a bit harsh; but the leader in the field of contemporary Internet survey, from the foreign proportion is not high. So lately I’ve been thinking, what causes foreign executives and occupation managers do not dare to venture out, or entrepreneurial success rate is not too high? Logically speaking, foreign executives entrepreneurial success rate should be higher, they are educated, English, knowledge management. But I found that after the study, there are three factors leading to foreign companies do not dare venture.

vase phenomenon is the primary factor. From a psychological point of view, when you make a special effort to do something, it will be the next step in the development of your limitations. If you build a vase, the vase looks very bright, attached to your job, money, family, etc.. But your heart and your potential are also locked in the vase, very lonely, insecure.

foreign companies are in a large system, even if it is very successful, but also part of the whole process, there are a lot of resources behind the brand, logistics, product support. In fact, this sense of accomplishment is very limited, the more the last, only a small part of the system. People have done statistics, foreign executives parachuted into private success rate is less than 10%, in addition to cultural factors, is the problem of adaptability.

so, foreign people to start looking at other people feel itchy, but with no system, platform, brand support, and fear. In the original place to be comfortable, not willing to take the risk. I met a lot of friends working in foreign companies, often decide whether to start a business on the need for two or three years, and so on, the opportunity is gone. They are good at rational analysis, in fact, entrepreneurship is a kind of impulse and passion, not by analysis can draw conclusions.

second, entrepreneurs tend to have special advantages, while there are many shortcomings of the people. The most important thing is to put your long board to the extreme, I am in the 5 column of the month, "the success of the entrepreneurs of the 7 characteristics," it is very clear. But it is not consistent with the way and target of the foreign enterprise. At the end of each year, foreign companies have done a variety of performance evaluation, this year you have any achievements, what are the deficiencies, according to your needs, need to do

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