Why do you study Wangzhuan tutorial rice and vegetable roll to make money

Wangzhuan, this highly controversial words, from its birth to its popular among the people on the network of controversy has never stopped. There are three parts, one part is superior all day to earn 500 to release some kind of tutorial, a part is all day long in the said tutorial is a liar, the last part is on the sidelines watching the tutorial and dare not to do people.

In fact,

from my contact Wangzhuan also have a lot of time, this circle will not be outside the transparent know, but for some just contact network and now the network make friends, I think the actual situation analysis about why you read so many Wangzhuan tutorial does not earn money or earn only a little just to you with.

can’t make money:

1 tutorial reason

day to earn million yuan, earn millions of these tutorials, and not to say is true or false, depending on the number of this tutorial communication surface already know you can determine not to earn, why, because you have seen a lot of people buy lottery tickets at the same time in the award, although this is just a little wrong but in general, even if the project is really a novice, do not have the maneuverability, so many people watching this tutorial will curse.

2 aging problem

is not a lot of money to make tutorials, others have earned enough. Several friends circle basically I know are the test items for a period of time, earn almost will announce some project tutorials, and these tutorials in many depth of things would not say, this is normal, and now very few people can share the selfless. A lot of projects can be done at that time, but once a certain period of time will lose the failure, and so you see the public website released these tutorials even if one step at a time to make money.

3 project operation

a person to do a project can earn a lot of money, one thousand people do a project, each people earn very little money, which is why many people do Wangzhuan tutorial in the sale and hard disk encryption reasons, because they did not like the project is spread too wide.

4 network popularity


has a relationship with this, oh, get a lot of money in fact in the higher part of the brothers and not through formal techniques, including well-known understand such Wangzhuan celebrities, mainly in the use of opportunistic men lust, hanging walking and pornography ads, keywords, and CPA and so on all kinds of temptation in technique when the initial SP is more fire, but was later eliminated, why will be eliminated, because in the network popularization, Internet knowledge continues to grow at a time when not on the second times. Now you are doing this kind of temptation to make friends also have money, but more people do not know how to promote the temptation to go out, this is a good combination of seo. The recent formation of the SEO team, you need to work in the experience of SEOER to join, interested in adding me

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