nternet entrepreneurs a new way on the eve of Tencent Baidu Alibaba three giants

soup Beijing reported

today’s Internet investment circles, more like an entertainment circle. From time to time broke the three Internet Co (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, BAT) who is in close contact with the scandal". Hearsay spread like this soon touched a sensitive nerve that practitioners.

March 22nd, there is news that the Internet within the circle, Ali will be wholly acquired friends. Even Ali, alliance official does not recognize, but Ali to $about 70000000 acquisition of alliance is That’s final. fact. In the June 2011 A round of financing, the union valued at $50 million. Now is the low tide of mobile Internet financing, the acquisition of Ali is also a premium, in the eyes of many entrepreneurs, friends of the Union has been considered a good place to find.

days ago, investment circle news, Baidu and Alibaba are more than 1 billion yuan investment in shares or holding the acquisition. Although not yet officially disclosed, but Baidu ho throw $350 million to acquire the PPS has become a reality, its purpose is huge user with PPS, to split Iqiyi video ads.

There are rumors that

, Baidu and Alibaba are with high moral map contact, negotiate the investment issue. High German software has a map of the underlying mapping qualification, and the number of users, some mobile Internet innovation is also attractive.

earlier investment mergers and acquisitions rumors will come with the waves. Every time, do not know what Baidu and UC gust of wind blowing, "marriage", will be out for fry. This is a pair of complementary business, all in the eyes of perfect "beauty", but always missed in hand. It is said that the two sides basically every year to talk about the acquisition, but not every year.

no matter how much truth and lies, gossip and stories, the protagonist of the story they are – Tencent, Ali, Baidu.

10 years of hard work, now the way out of different.

10 years ago, Internet entrepreneurs dream is independent, at that time, everyone is not who who also annexed numerous underlings. Today, this dream may be more and more distant from entrepreneurs, the best way is to sell to an Internet gangster.

to sell the project

November 2012, business less than a year, "tonight to see what", a movie content personalized search, bought by Baidu to 2 million -300 million price of $two, who returned from the United States founder were recruited to Baidu’s distance, they got Xu Xiaoping’s angel investment only more than 1 years.

set up 3 years of the League of friends, in the upcoming round of its own B round of financing, accepted the $about 70000000 offer for the acquisition of Alibaba. Public information display, at present, the alliance to win over the 30 thousand APP developers have statistics for the about 100000 APP is to use union analysis services, brought up in APP > field of statistics analysis

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