Google alliance three days to change what is the purpose of the two

Google alliance is also Daozu, webmaster for fish, and the face of the recent news of Google alliance, the "Shanghai construction search" to "Google Corporation", the original RMB into dollars, how to interpret this? A change back to the original look what to? Is this so-called relationship according to the "Google Corporation" no legal benefits did not specify with Google, when the owners rights have been violated is not to silence a lot of doubt?.

puppet company "Shanghai structure to find out the Google alliance plot

Google alliance changed face two times in a few days, the first time Google company "Shanghai construction search", today also appeared "Google Corporation" why change so fast? Obviously "Shanghai structure searching" is Google in Chinese in order to avoid compliance shirk responsibility and greater efforts to exploit the puppet master company. The intention of Google in the Adsense business from Chinese operation and title and other errors, deduction amount and other malicious operation responsibility.

since it is necessary to evade the responsibility and malicious operation of the exploitation of the webmaster, so Google Corporation this does not have the legal effect of fudge name and the Shanghai structure is no difference. The amendment has proved that the previous speculation, the possibility of malicious operations Google alliance, the so-called Google Corporation is likely to be the "Shanghai structure" for the change of the game. Thus Google alliance in the webmaster, completely bared there and then misappropriating purpose.

"Google Corporation" and "Shanghai constitution" terms hidden operations will be added

Several key points of the change of

in Shanghai:

1 to pay the RMB from the payment of the relative price and starting point of a lot of a lot of change in the 740.

2 Chinese according to income tax withholding tax, taxes for webmaster know. Don’t know how much.

3 Click the price changes and the amount of the issue, because the third party does not allow statistical reference.

4 the alliance can be blocked and the deprivation of Google Adsense advertising alliance income includes the amount of buckle the hidden operating factors, and Google is not responsible for the webmaster no redress, "the Shanghai search" is the agent’s identity so they do not need to explain and webmaster.

does not have the legal benefits of Google Corporation points:

$100 to pay $1 to pay, with no change in the original contrast.

2 tax deduction in accordance with U.S. law, that is, the owners do not need to pay personal income tax.

3 Click on the price has not become uncertain (down you do not know), crazy buckle may still exist because there is no evidence in the hands of the data and evidence.

4 the alliance can be blocked and the deprivation of Google Adsense advertising alliance income includes the implicit deduction amount of operation factors, and Google is not responsible for the webmaster nowhere right, the "Google Corporation" agreement has no legal basis.

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