Ali mother unsealing method and skill

believes that the current webmaster do most of the alliance is GGAD, followed by Baidu Ali Mama, the threshold is too high to do less, other minor league also are minor. GGAD only buy new account, blocked the Ali Mama? Of course can be lifted.

Of course, this also requires releasing

intermediate skills, without techniques, the application of N for releasing in vain, once again see Ali mother forum one request 10 times has not reopened, cursed in the forum. The real releasing need adjust good ideas, pay attention to methods, generally can successfully. One of my QQ station, is Ali mother seal over two times, and two times the. So to talk about the experience of


some owners because Ali mother blocked no income, put ads removed, other advertising, this application is not passed down, I have the first time because of this. So there is no success, so before the application closed, hanging a mother advertising must be on your website, the best color is the default.

first, you need to be clear about why you are my first letter, because of their little advertising, second times is very easy to set advertising color late. So when applying for a release of the first section is to admit your mistakes. And then write down their violation of the place, and then ensure that no longer make mistakes. Finally blow Niubi, see your grace, don’t count less than 150 words. I also have been sealed and unsealed Mail Mail shots were uploaded onto the.


if I’m releasing letter without my site is false, can I go to see the site display is not the Ali Mama advertising click. Finally, this paper does not have a word is false, only to the safety of the picture Ali mother wiped out the account information, no other PS. I tasted the taste of being the mom letter, so write out the experience, let you refer to, as soon as possible.

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