Microsoft launched PubCenter advertising services challenge Google AdSense

Beijing on April 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft said on Wednesday that its PubCenter advertising service has entered the open beta. Industry sources said the move is intended to Google AdSense and YAHOO Publisher Network two online advertising technology to challenge the.

and Google AdSense and YAHOO Publisher Network and other online advertising technology, Microsoft PubCenter advertising services are also the major sites and content publishers. PubCenter will first analyze the content of the major web sites and content publishers, and then put the content of the ads next to the content of these pages. If the Internet users in the reading content also click on these advertisements, advertisers will pay advertisement fee to the website or publisher. For this part of the advertising revenue, the use of PubCenter services site and content publishers will be divided into Microsoft.

on Wednesday at the AdSpace Advertising Conference, Microsoft PubCenter Senior Product Manager Kevin. McCabe (Kevin McCabe) announced the news. He said that the major sites and content publishers in the PubCenter website and Microsoft signed an agreement, you can participate in the service of public testing. The service is currently available only in the US market.

industry pointed out that, compared with the text search ads, similar to the PubCenter advertising technology advertising click rate is relatively low. Nevertheless, the content associated with advertising technology still has its own advantages. Especially in the current global economic downturn in the environment, advertisers can only for specific content advertising, advertising objectives in the increase, but also to achieve the purpose of reducing advertising budget funds.

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