Several of today’s cutting edge innovation alliance to make money

First statement, this article only cutting-edge innovative now to make money in the league do comments, the Internet is a new industry, without innovation is not progress. I do not make any comment on the other aspects of the alliance, the alliance is my description is widely debated in the webmaster, please take care of the creative Alliance webmaster unique and new.     1.;             the original page text keyword matching technology, very well done will make up the advertisement, advertisement imperceptibly accepted by the user. The page does not affect the appearance, does not occupy the space "are not mutually exclusive and size. With other alliances! For more web site: writing, such as novels, information station and so on.    2 of the alliance is the first video alliance alliance is one of the few to browse the charging alliance, as well as the traditional TV advertising and Internet advertising innovation based on alliance, the video ads to the site in the estimation of things even unthinkable a few years ago, the Alliance came true! The alliance’s advertising model should be popular with advertisers I will not say, see more Adsense online articles. For the site: entertainment website, especially video website or movie website   3 Asian friends alliance this alliance innovation? It is estimated that there are a lot of webmaster doubt. Good friends, the Asian alliance is a veteran of the good reputation alliance, he is also a creative alliance. His innovation lies in his estimation to pull off the assembly line system, now some domestic union to carry out the pull to earn referral referral commission mode are here to learn from him. At the same time, Google also do this alliance good application site: dating sites, chat sites and so on 4.linkpage alliance strictly speaking this alliance is a flow exchange alliance, is hardly a webmaster of money Union, but now the flow is money. His innovation lies in the use of web content analysis, keyword matching input; the greater the flow, higher quality super simple. Code, is a good.  to enhance the flow of the alliance; Suitable site traffic to the website: everything can be. Of course, in addition to the above several creative alliance and good innovation alliance, there is not in the list.

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