Managing multiple GG accounts at the same time

Hello, I Amoy knight, effective registration GG account was in response to many webmaster friends on a 2010, all in accordance with the method to apply it, certainly can easily apply for GG account, today I am speaking about several GG account management experience! I have many friends. A few, more than a dozen GG account, so many want to manage the account, it is not easy ah, ha ha! Why, and listen to me carefully to


first, the name and address of the application GG account

about this presumably veteran Adsense is aware of the GG account of a name in an address can only be used once! (the name can be repeated) such as your GG account for the first time

the applicant’s name is "Zhang three"


address is Zhongguancun District of Beijing City, 3 Amoy Knight unit 5, 521"

Then the

second application account name input can also be three, because the country name repetition is normal, and only my name to get the money, but the address duplication is not normal Oh well then you can change the address of relatives and so on, please see note below

name address

Zhang San own home

Zhang Sanlin home

Zhang three uncle home

Zhang three aunt home

son Zhang aunt three old aunt

register in turn, follow a little. Registration address must not repeat, and ensure that the address you can receive GG sent to you when the PIN code!

two, or on the registration time address

do not think that the registration time with a different address on the ~GG can not be SB, for example, you use

Zhongguancun District of Beijing city

Amoy Knight 3 unit 5 floor 521

Zhongguancun District of Beijing city

Amoy Knight 3 unit 5 floor 520

Zhongguancun District of Beijing city

Amoy Knight 3 unit 5 floor 519


all the whole area inside you different address, but the name is GG with you, huh ass like can also think you are registered, we may put you in front of all registered K off is a normal thing, then you should consider is the question of the local population, there should be GG there are data, you say the population of only hundreds of thousands of small town, before the normal rate is only one month to apply, but are different names, so good, until this month, although it is a different address, and the address is not the same area, but the name is you for 7-8, are you, then GG will not be able to give you through! You can encounter such a situation with a number of foreign students in touch with their address >

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