Liu Chuanzhi talk about entrepreneurship innovation can determine whether you will starve to death

today morning Liu Chuanzhi published an open letter on the Internet thinking, entrepreneurship and other contents of his views, he believes, can in your industry in the introduction of the Internet thinking and achievement of innovation and breakthrough, it may not be "eat well", but "will not starve to death" issue.

open letter reads as follows:

dear friends, WeChat public account Lenovo holdings officially opened, the company is a big thing, we need to make friends with interactive way more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of us, we also hope to hear more direct valuable advice of friends. Two, I can also be more convenient to meet with you, chat, to explore some interesting topics. Some may be of interest to me, some may be of interest to you, of course, not necessarily a conclusion. But the discussion and debate itself is very pleasant, it will often make you sparkle, inspired by.

I like talking to people. Look at the book and the author wanted to talk about, see a good film and would want to talk about the director, is in fact a point, one inspired by, or have different ideas to go to expand the results of. I listen to "Luo Ji Thinking" on the feeling. I recorded it and listened to it when I was free. Think how a person can read so many books, but also from the "bubble" was linked to the Internet thinking, such thinking greatly jump some really good, so I want to clap wow, wait for supplementary. I also think that some views to discuss. Of course, in addition to and scholars, and in front of the work of enterprise workers, including my associate colleagues to discuss the topic more and more rich. Here, I would like to talk about innovation, entrepreneurship.

I started the industry, Lenovo Group today is where the industry, which belongs to the IT industry, which is nearly half a century to lead the world’s economic development industry. It constantly innovation, constantly have new leader, but also keep a large number of people left behind, or even being thrown out of orbit. Today it has penetrated into all walks of life. Then the traditional industries, including Lenovo holdings operates the consumer industry, new service industry and manufacturing industry, with large data together, not a good use of mobile Internet services, you will have to struggle in the red sea. Therefore, you can in your industry, in your business, the introduction of the Internet thinking and achievement of innovation and breakthrough, it may not be "eat well", but "will not starve to death" issue.


said innovation, enterprises in different industries, different history, different scale, more important is the leader of the different styles, different enterprises how to innovate? It is worth pondering (including enterprise workers must see how people do), practice. The key is to dare to try, try daring, after pondering changed again. The 80’s and 90 leading enterprises more innovative, is their bare feet, more down to earth, more daring. It’s like we all have different sizes

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