GitHub founder how do give up 300 thousand annual salary business


This paper from the

GitHub founder Tom Preston Werner personal blog.

time is 2007, I sat alone in a Zeke sports bar in San Francisco. I don’t often mixed sports bar, I like TV dramas like regular masked robber came to the bar and the night owls "". Like the hangover night second days will fade away, but this night was a lifetime. That night, GitHub was born.


finished one by one with the group of alcoholic fun, I had some snacks sitting in the cubicle. About 5 or 6 beers, Chris Wanstrath came in. But I don’t remember that Chris is not my friend, we often meet in the bar meet, is ordinary friends.

generally met programmers in the bar, we will praise each other "you write the code. Yo!", but then I beckoned to him directly, said: "I have a good idea!" about a week before I started working for the Grit project, access to the Chris. After he sat down, I began to put their ideas of them told him, though not much, but I see from his eyes he was inspired by a small. I told him to create a special part of the programmer’s social networking sites, programmers can share their own Git software library on the site, benefit by mutual discussion. I think about the name: GitHub. His reply was short and powerful: "well, I’ll join you!"

2007, Friday, at 10:24 in the evening, Chris sent the first GitHub software library to me, GitHub was formally established in.

the next three months, and I Chris day and night for GitHub ideas, write code. At that time I was still working for Grit, Chris is also developing Rails program. We two people every Saturday to meet once, do some design decisions, and think about how to price. I remember one rainy day, he and I are happy to talk about more than 2 hours, there is a very famous Vietnamese egg selling in San Francisco that day. Chris and I have a legitimate job, I served as a tool developer in Powerset.

in mid January 2008, after three consecutive months of the night of struggle, GitHub beta version of the line, we invite their friends to test. In mid February, PJ Hyett joined the GitHub development team, the number of team members increased to 3. In April 10th, GitHub officially open beta. At this time the GitHub team is only 3 people, and did not accept any external investment.

in January 2008, I learned that Powerset was bought by Microsoft for $100 million. All >

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