Several did think can pop Alliance

I’m a little grass, seldom write something like this, today is a bit small, not to say out, do not easy. More grassroots is not easy to do a small grass, especially those dirty revulsion big advertising, you really think not yourself is ah!


I have been a pop, so far, I think that a good few: 1 2 3

why should I recommend this several, because first, customer service attitude, the problem will be the first time the loss back, so even if the deduction amount, the heart did not feel what, because he at least respect for you, respect your station. Second weeks pay,

I feel very bad: 1 game day advertising, I don’t want to write out the URL, this is really Poser advertising, I a month ago has been with customer QQ news, I did not see a response… Pop the less the money, but also to pay 15 per month on month…. Would have looked at the data that has been very little, and to the closing of the tax deduction…. In short, this alliance, put the big stink, the general grassroots do not consider, can not stand that customer service…..

as for what the network of those who I do not look good, but also proved that, in fact, look at all the data, the data will be a better understanding of what the union is good and bad.

There may be some

I don’t need, welcome to keep abreast of introduction,

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