Sing up to 15 months of darkness


sing it, is undoubtedly the latest Chinese language in the world’s most fire of a new App (one of them? Welcome to the tiger sniffing other reports).

this is a free social networking application of mobile phone karaoke.


, tiger sniffing has according to the "entrepreneur" magazine refined a "burst" is how to sing "red"


in our report issued after the people who have used it to say that this product is indeed very good, while others said that holding a cell phone to strangers to sing, it is difficult to understand this thing, do not look at this product.

indeed, up to now, it is still a controversial product. Later, we will ask a non veteran investor to publish his "not optimistic" view of this product.

before that, we come to "sing" prequel.


tiger sniffing should pay attention to "sing" episode of


because it’s a history of failure. Because the founder Chen Hua and his team, from the painful history of groping out, sing it is created from the dark history. The Chen Hua team has been doing this for almost 15 months.

15 months of experience, a large number of entrepreneurs, as well as investors, is worth sharing experience.

share one: Entrepreneurship and financing time point

2005, Chen Hua founded Cool News Network received a $2 million investment in April 2006, September, won the second round of $10 million investment, two rounds of investment by joint investment fund sources and LIAN SIG. By the end of 2008, due to disagreements with investors, Chen Hua announced he was leaving the cool web, in April 2009 joined the Alibaba, engaged in the research of search engine technology application.

"in fact, I would like to come out in 2010, but did not make up his mind, and Ali did not finish things." Chen Hua said.

but it must come out in 2011. Why? Is he a think to stay, he accumulated under the previous entrepreneurial resources, contacts and influence are dissipated almost, "who still remember who is Chen Hua?" is the question of timing two. Chen Hua said,

1998-1999, 2005-2006 is a very good start-up period, after this point, you can not get the money. That’s what the experience tells me. Last year, the capital market is also the peak of entrepreneurship. 2010-2011 electricity supplier, the mobile Internet to get a lot of money. This means that after 5 or 6 years, there will be a big company in this field. If I miss it, I’ll regret it. You look very difficult to finance this year."

February 2011, Chen HUAFA a micro-blog:

has just completed his resignation procedures, officially left.

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