This year’s top 10 domestic online education startups inventory

Internet product database IT orange in the just released "2013 online education venture capital inventory" report, according to the investment and financing, which belongs to the field of dimension, finishing a relatively hot this year 10 online education start-up companies list (in alphabetical order). Share here:

1, 91 foreign teachers network (

91 teacher network established by the end of 2012, by Jiayuan founder Helen of Troy (Gong Haiyan) was founded, belonging to the Beijing cloud Culture Consulting Co. ltd.. To use the global English speaking foreign teachers resources, through Internet remote real-time interactive audio and video teaching, so that each Chinese can stay at home, 24 hours to learn English online.

91 foreign teacher network a release, it attracted a lot of people’s attention, the company has access to NetEase capital of about $4 million A round of investment.

2, ape question bank (

ape question bank was founded in 2012, founded by Li Yong, former president of NetEase portal division, the core executives are also from NetEase. The team had the flagship product for the "chalk net", in 2013 the focus of the transformation "ape exam", this is the intelligent online exam products support a mobile phone and computer problems, providing historical examination authority answers for candidates to practise, but also according to the level of the candidates on a topic of intelligent, really improve test efficiency.

the company in August 2013 to complete the B round of millions of dollars of investment, Jingwei China led investment, IDG capital investment, when the company was founded when the IDG billion yuan capital A round of investment.

3, Shanghai river network (

Shanghai river network was established in 2001, is a veteran of the language learning portal, founded by Shanghai students venture on behalf of Fu Cairui. After more than and 10 years of development, Shanghai river network product line includes the nature of the media portal website "Hujiang network", "school" attributes of the electricity supplier (to sell books, online courses), community property "Hujiang tribes".

is currently more than 20 million registered users, the mobile terminal application about 50 models, the cumulative downloads 20 million, overseas users accounted for 5%, annual sales income of 100 million yuan. The company received $20 million B round of investment in June 2013.

4, winning network (


network was established in 2012, from where to network vice president Dai Zheng founded, is a one-stop online study service website, provide strategic planning, education background, promotion tour, exam training abroad, study intermediary consulting, international finance and overseas life one-stop education products and services.

the company was 2012

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