Entrepreneurs who are more valuable life code



editor’s note: the author Swizec Teller, a geek, Bob and serial entrepreneur. Teller has served in the verification code advertising services company DoubleRecall, DoubleRecall is a famous Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator incubator startups.

"if you plan to be a farmer in a year or two, it’s too late to abandon the idea." One of my advisors said. In your case, however, this may be absurd, because the subconscious mind tells you "knocking on the code can do a lot of things".

startups usually use the most popular, the latest technology to complete the structure of the product. For example, shortly before the static HTML technique is also very fashionable, after a while, PHP has been widely used, and then pop up Python. Recently, I heard that Ruby on Rails or node.js and excited. What will happen next? No one knows. However, I believe that many techniques have begun to "liberate the founder of encoding" busy, because they are eager to become your own boss, you can set a deadline, and choose their own technology to create products.

in spite of this, the fact is still very cruel, because unlike the founders of technology, it is assumed that these two responsibilities are not easy to play.

founders have to devote 50% of their time to work

founder must burn the midnight oil

founder must develop

for clients

founder must tend to company vision

founder must continue to focus on industry trends

founder must bear a lot of responsibility

founder often need to do customer service support

these problems are entrepreneurial companies will encounter in the development process, and because there is no extra staff to help solve this series of problems, so the founder must be pro. The reason why people pay more attention to the founder’s work is because they spend a lot of time to help users. However, whether you are an experienced programmer how good, no matter how hard you work, the user is not focus on you. After all, unlike the founders, programmers are only dealing with vague questions that are hard to remember.

programmers need to put more attention and time to knock and check code. If you forget the function of a function, your work will be difficult to continue. Can you continue to focus when your mind is filled with all sorts of important things? I think the answer must be No.