long way Wangzhuan thought and execution force is the key

Objective: ashamed to say, I am early contact "Wangzhuan" in this industry, but has yet to have results. My Wangzhuan road can be roughly divided into 4 stages to pull off the assembly line union times – click surf survey times —–adsense times CPS times ——CPA,

first contact is higher in the second half of 2002, then do a pull off the assembly line called new data agency alliance, that he did not know what, let people at QQ say a few words to brainwashed. Hesitated for a week or so, go to school next to the Construction Bank to open an account, and opened my account money agent alliance. I remember clearly that the bank staff not patience, because the 2 line transfer 20 yuan to me, but at the end of a 40 yuan of money did not earn back, also spent a lot of Internet access fees (in Xi’an on the school, was to spend 2-3 hours a day in Xi’an Village Cafe fiddle), because they do not know how to promote, not to mention how to persuade people to join. However, undeniably, this alliance was created a group of rich, deep impression in the famous black and white network also joined in, or what to send money fairy, 70cn webmaster. Later the union may be due to pull off the assembly line was closed, their Wangzhuan road also is come to an end.

second contact is to do Wangzhuan click, read email, hang up surfing, was graduated from the second half of 2004 in Foshan. Because the work is relatively easy, idle bored inadvertently encountered and then began to understand, operate. Now think about it is ridiculous, every day propaganda, do not pay for half a year. Because of these, the assembly line is the key. Rely on their own efforts, almost impossible to pay. Unfortunately, I was also the top leadership, people are very smart, use a variety of software, rely on this to earn a lot. Just because of his character, and colleagues are very difficult, and he did not think it too late for regrets. Just before leaving the company in 2005 of March, I applied for adsense. However, had no concept of Adsense, also do not know, did not take advantage of this gold deposit, apply for the account agreement is put into use, so sleepwalk through 200520062007.

until 2008, and then began my Adsense career, but also began to learn to build. Contact the first program is dedecms, spent a lot of effort to consult a lot of predecessors, the first site is in line in August. Hang GG, do traffic, one day down $2-3. So, my road in the Wangzhuan spent 2008 and 2009, add up to earn 1200 dollars, but the time and effort spent far more than these.

until the end of 2009, is also in December, began to contact Taobao and other domestic league outcomes, such as linktech, and then through the forum, contact CJ, CB. The home has begun to do, just in my last "