Google AdSense referral upcoming update

if your site is being put on AdSense promotion, please note that the recent AdSense referral program will be adjusted.

in the new adjustment, for North America, Latin America and Japan, other countries and regions, including China, will stop the promotion of AdSense. So after the adjustment of China’s regional publishing accounts in the promotion of Google will only recommend Firefox and AdWords recommend two.

the reason why we stop AdSense referrals is that this product does not meet our expectations. So, in early January, your account in the creation of the AdSense referral options will disappear, but your site has been put on the AdSense referral button is still valid. In the last week of January, AdSense will recommend a full stop to stop before the date of conversion in (within 180 days after registration reached $$100, and the release of all payment retained) users will produce $250 dollars to promote the release business promotion fee. The conversion completed after the closing date will not be credited to your account. Therefore, after January, it is recommended that you will be on the site to promote the AdSense button replacement for other referrals.

thank you very much for the publisher has been on the AdSense referral program support, I hope this adjustment will not bring you inconvenience, thank you for your understanding.

by the way:

does not seem to cancel ah, the most important recommendation is still two!