Mobile thousand 6 yuan pop ads on line no virus no plug ins


webmaster friends:
        hello! We shall effect the integrity of the 365 marketing alliance advertisers, invites you to join us and put China Mobile only designated partner for you to create high priced pop ads, put the advertisement at the same time, you will have the opportunity to participate in the lottery to get exquisite diamond ring.

1, invitation deadline: 2007 02, 11

two, advertising requirements:
  1 ranking requirements:
  website and forum a domain name and rank within 20W; 2 classification requirements: download, download movies, games and fashion, consistent with the above types of forums.
  3 requirements: the need to register as a member of the integrity of the effect of marketing alliance member
  4 Application: qq:514691622, mail:[email protected]     ;  

, three letter content (reference sample please modify copy fill):
  I put the application click on the ad –
  site name: XXX network
  Web site domain name: Type: Music Forum
  Internet users characteristics: young people aged 16~30
  ranking three months: 15w
  station; station; location: plans to put the page on the left side, the station sent through

antithetical couplet


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