Three discussions on O2O Entrepreneurship how data generates value

friend is a digital marketing director of a number of well-known international apparel brands in the United States, last week, he asked me to explore a new O2O and mobile marketing solutions he envisioned.


program is very simple, friends of the group in the China have thousands of offline stores, monthly visit customers in more than one million, but the data show that only 3% to 4% of the customers under a single, while the other guests like water to and fro, unable to contact.

In order to improve the conversion rate of

, a WIFI technology, put forward an idea in the store to install the system, the guests entered the store mobile phone will automatically search for WIFI, so the system can capture the user’s mobile phone MAC address; if the mobile Internet with the corresponding APP can access and upload the user Mac address. So the brand can be targeted to have shopped online stores their customers to push


may be a lot of people will jump to see it, this is not a violation of my privacy. No way, a lot of Internet Co’s business model is not based on the value of the data set up free of charge, as long as the entrepreneurial project can collect data, there is value. This is our first discussion of the O2O venture today, the value of data generated.

recently associated with the area of entrepreneurship App fire. The most famous is a start-up company called the Ding Dong district financing Angel melts one hundred million yuan; other similar projects include free area etc..

I opened the Ding Dong District of App, found two I lived in Shanghai District, installed a minority of users. For example, I live in the area, I estimated that there are six thousand or seven thousand residents, the installation of the user has 86. But seemingly low activity, but also very few people with real name and real avatar. Look at the business, from the pet to go to the locksmith but always seems to lack of Everything is contained therein., a killer application. Each function seems to have a public comment, 58 city giants do.

what is the killer application? Simply said, is a service hit the user pain points, free or cheap to continuously bring users, and then through the other high margin products to achieve profit.

in this sense, electricity providers and Internet companies are the last road to return to the same way. This is our second discussion, finally O2O and Internet, the nature of the electricity supplier should be the same, that is to free / low pain point service users, profit through value-added or high margin products.

either in the field of electricity providers or O2O, have a low frequency low frequency; high frequency; high frequency high frequency low price of four entrepreneurs quadrant and dimensions. We can naturally put the high frequency of high and low frequency of these two excluded, leaving most of the entrepreneurs in the field of high frequency and low frequency high priced two areas. For the field of O2O, the high frequency of food and beverage, and for example, marriage, cars, houses are typical of low frequency high.