Taobao guest is not a gold rush behind please stop

‘s mother’s alliance, completely saved struggling grassroots webmaster, the image of Ma Yun is undoubtedly covered a big ring! Have to say, Ma Yun’s move, a Alibaba to strive for further improvement, on the one hand, show the way, Taobao customers a lot of stationmaster, but this way is like a lamp, attracted many people to die like moths fire!

Once a week

billboard, do not know how many people became a fascinating place? Weekly income of over 10000, plus a 80 of the title, it is not a successful person? Such cases do not know how many people with a group of people, obviously I also have been intoxicated with


but when I stand in front of their own website promotion silently when I look back, only to find the black Taobao is off the head. High vivid momentum, speed and efficiency of the representation of the people voted eight times! Some people just copy the code started, don’t even look at ID is not your own; you buy a good source, the entire space battle; then better, since the site is in embedded the code has been……

are so easy to earn money really? This friendly reminder: Taobao customer is not gold, some people even do not know what is the source, began operation, but you buy the source code could be embedded. Some people go into a group and ask, "how do you make money? How do you promote it?" this question is usually called the question of iq. Some people, eager to make money, worship is the last one, others "boat"

do not know!

is a small photo website monthly income of over 10000, is a photo by Taobao customers on the Mercedes BMW, but are you doing before, ask yourself this does not have a small perturbation of human potential, don’t tell me what others can do for you is that you can do it. Chen Anzhi’s speech to listen more, to answer and thinking of seeking truth from facts, don’t cheat yourself. Do you know the program before asking? Understand network promotion? Understand SEO? Understand advertising? Understand soft writing? Understand distinguish tricks?…… If you do not know, personal recommendations do not operate!

some people would say, anyway, but only one thousand or two thousand dollars invested. Wrong, if you think so, it was suggested not to do, one thousand or two thousand yuan investment in a not clear place, not to buy a lottery ticket, and then tell the money aunt to pick a random! Or go crazy to buy buy a mobile phone network, and

quality assurance!

may also have a friend read for a long time the course will say, he will not go to other people can spend money? This is not false, but as far as I know, the most direct Taobao off just want to pick up the money, you will do the two investment? If you have the money, a suggestion as to leisure, and good work


one last word, in addition is not the money people stupid, please think about what


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