nto the winter to Wangzhuan station sexual enlightenment

domestic personal webmaster survival is not easy, the portal gradually accumulated brand effect and the domestic online advertising market will grow more barren makes the individual station website content is locked in the gray area: PW sites, pirated movies stations, unlicensed stations and two novel pseudo pornographic station. The first few have already suffered a cold winter, into the 09 years after the country as a result of the crackdown on the vulgar content of the network more and more resolute, gender health stations have begun to enter the winter.

The main station

amphoteric edge ball, all of the station are well versed in gender ambiguous Wangzhuan the meaning of sex words do non pornographic content, such as Zhang Xiaoyu, customers like, occasionally update some sexual health content also was soon drowned in the erotic theme of gender, was hit in the PW, when advocate the copyright, most sexual health station did not realize, only a group of sexual health is won’t cover his coat.

in fact, shocking the site for the record, Griswold a sharp point: MII hold Internet management gate finally. The network through the QQ to the IDC’s instructions are more powerful than the GFW, a simple sentence relates to vulgar can ask IDC to close the illegal site in 20 minutes, this is the situation, but also to.

don’t think Godaddy can choose a space of trouble, although the www.wosoho.com on Godaddy at peace, but at least you know a Griswold registrar with information missing deleted a gender station domain, also has the Registrar shield outside the domestic registered domain names. Of course, Griswold is not responsible for the above two domain matters, but the spread of information.

Griswold once meant hunters in combat emerged when going to a group of low income gender health station into the station group, fortunately finally taking a wait-and-see, or now a station hit the hands, it is to cry ah, because the face is not just gender Griswold feel winter is the end.

binding to Wangzhuan, feel there are a few points worth learning:

1, don’t be a bad market

China webmaster is not worth praising the characteristics like a swarm of bees, to the woods cut landslides close hand, early and frequent cheating makes a lot of foreign Alliance Limited registered China IP, damaged the reputation Chinese does not say, also lost a lot to do the project. Sexual health is also, to pop floating flying all over the sky, arms and legs with dew, let students know that in CCTV said pornographic and violent, yellow are alerted to the party, to be hit is a sure thing.

2, not the trend for

Zhejiang told us: read the news network, said Xing Zhibin against vulgar action into battle, you don’t feel lucky, find a shelter hidden server, web site backup once a day must not forget.

3, throw >